Mooresville Public Library

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MON - THURS: 9AM - 8PM, FRI: 9AM - 5PM, SAT: 9AM - 4PM, SUN: Closed | PH: 317-831-7323


Print remotely to our public RICOH printers/copiers from your computer/laptop/portable device using Google Cloud.  Using Google Chrome as your web browser, just click the links (below), then log-into your Google Account, add Google as a printer option, and then send your print job to MPLLAB (our lab printer, which is located across from our computer lab), or to MPLCOPIER (our public photocopier, which is located behind self-check kiosk #3 across from the new book shelves in the adult section).


To send a wireless print job to our public RICOH printer/copier using PrinterOn, email the PDF attachment you wish to print to or upload your PDF document on the MPL-RICOH-PrinterOn web page.  The printer/copier is located across from the computer lab.


Click logos (above) to wireless print using PrinterOn (RICOH)