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Mooresville Public Library is proud to offer a variety of free technology services. From our computer labs to our business services and self-checkout capabilities, we want to make your visit easy!



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Click Buttons (Above) to Download Our Mobile App

MPL2GO, the mobile app for Mooresville Public Library, lets you access our Evergreen Indiana catalog and other online resources wherever you are. Locate books, movies, music and more with easy search features designed for mobile devices.

Are you on a mobile device? Download the FREE MPL2GO App!


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Charge your mobile devices while you wait at any of our three charging stations:  (1) inside our computer lab; (2) at a table in the YAZ (young adult zone); and (3) at a table in the grand hall, across from the business book shelves.  NOTE:  You are responsible for the safety of your own devices. Please do not leave them unattended while charging.  The Library is not responsible for theft, loss, or damage to your devices.  The computer lab charging station sits in the front of the room and is visible from any computer work station there; the other charging stations are attached to tables at which you may sit while you recharge.


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Step-by-step instructions are available to use portable flatbed digital scanners in our computer lab to scan documents, using XSane software.  Checkout a scanner at our circulation desk.


For those age 50 or older, offers beginner and advanced computer classes in the library instructional computer mini-lab.  Call (317) 855-8734 to register or for more information.


The library now has an automated sorting machine that checks-in your returned items.  Follow the prompts on the monitor.  Insert ONE ITEM at a time and wait for it to be processed before continuing.  When finished, you may print a receipt showing that you returned the items listed.  Click the video below to see how.



The library has installed several self-checkout kiosks for patron use.  They are easily navigated and will expedite the checkout process.  Click the video below to see how.



Nineteen computer stations are available, using the Userful platform (with Microsoft Office, web browsers, and other software), fiber-optic Internet connectivity, and printing capability.

  • Use your Evergreen Indiana (E.I.) library card to log-in.
  • If you don’t have a library card, temporary computer passes may be obtained from our circulation desk.
  • The main computer lab is located across from the photocopier, just outside the youth services department.

We have other computer services available:

MPL Mini-Lab Features:  Six computer stations – Fiber-optic Internet connectivity – Excellent for computer training or online classes.

  • Located in the youth services department.

Indiana Room Public PC – One computer station with Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer – Fiber-optic Internet connectivity – print-enabled.


Connecting to Our FREE wireless network

Click on your laptop’s (or other online device’s) network configurations icon and select MPL wireless.  You do not need a password to access our wireless network.

Logging into the computers in the library’s computer lab

When you log-into a computer in the Library’s computer lab, use  your 14-digit  Evergreen Indiana (E.I.) Library Card number, which appears on the BACK of your E.I. library card.

Printing from a computer in the computer lab

Print your document(s) from whichever lab computer you’re using.  In most Windows-based software, this is usually done by clicking a printer icon (in the software’s tool bar) or by clicking FILE, then PRINT, in the software’s menu bar.VERY IMPORTANT:  Then select either color or black-and-white printing in the pop-up window.  Click the print button (or OK button) in the pop-up window. This sends your print job to the printer/photocopier.

Once you’ve sent your print job(s) to the printer/photocopier (across from the computer lab), you will need to print the document(s) at the printer/photocopier. Click here (or click the icon below) for step-by-step printing instructions.


Printing Directly From Your USB Drive on Our Printer/Photocopier

Print directly from your USB drive (also called a flash drive or thumb drive) using our public printer/photocopier next to the circulation desk (across from the computer lab).  Click the photo below for step-by-step instructions.

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Click Photo for Instructions

Remote Wireless Printing

Click here to remotely print using our wireless network.  Your documents will print to our public printer/photocopier next to the circulation desk (across from the computer lab).

Sending a Fax at the Library

There is a public fax machine at the Library’s Circulation Desk, immediately to the right of the self-check-out station complete instructions can be found on the counter.  Price: $3 for the first page, and then $1 for each page thereafter.

Digital Scanning

There are two scanning options available:

  • There is a digital scanner connected to the Indiana Room Windows PC (available to the public–the computer facing the door).
  • Ask staff at the adult information desk to digitally scan your documents or photos using the public photocopier/printer (across from the computer lab).  These scans may be saved to a flash drive at the adult information desk computer; patrons may then borrow the flash drive to email or print scans in the computer lab.

Cost of Photocopying & Printing

  • 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper:  10 cents per image for B/W, 25 cents per image for color.
  • Larger paper sizes:  20 cents per image for B/W, 50 cents per image for color.