Mooresville Public Library

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MON - THURS: 9AM - 8PM, FRI: 9AM - 5PM, SAT: 9AM - 4PM, SUN: Closed | PH: 317-831-7323


Use your Evergreen Indiana library card to checkout our Hublet portable tablets at our circulation desk.  The tablets automatically connect to the Internet.  They may only be used inside the library.  Please do not take the tablets outside, or an alarm will sound, and they will automatically stop working.


Need instructions?  Our “how-to” video (below) may help.


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Use your Evergreen Indiana library card to checkout the tablets.  After scanning your E.I. card barcode, you will need to type-in (on the touch screen) your Evergreen Indiana account password (i.e., PIN).  If you’ve forgotten (or don’t have) a password, our circulation staff can reset it for you.  Follow the screen prompts to checkout a tablet.  To return a tablet, simply insert it into a vacant port on the Tablet Hub, and it will automatically check-in.

Need help?  Please ask any of our staff.  We’ll be happy to assist you.