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Digitized Yearbooks

Mooresville (Indiana) Public Library

Mooresville High School Yearbooks

Click the links below to see digitized vintage Mooresville High School (MHS) yearbooks, courtesy of the Mooresville High School Alumni Association Facebook page.
No yearbooks were published between 1931-1945 due to the Great Depression and World War II.  Senior class photos were taken, however; these are available to see at Mooresville High School’s Alumni Association Room.
More recent digitized MHS yearbooks, called Wagon Trails, are also available (click links below).  (NOTE:  For yearbooks 1950 or later, to search for a name or word within a yearbook, you should download it and open it using Firefox, Google Chrome, Adobe Acrobat, SumatraPDF, or another PDF reader software; then use the “find” search function to look for the desired name or word, and it should take you to the place(s) in the yearbook where those terms are found.)  Digital scanning 1950-onward courtesy of OCI Digital Imaging Service; scanning 1946-1949 courtesy of Mooresville Public Library.
Click the links below to see the digitized yearbooks (NOTE:  If you’re viewing this page on an iPhone, Android, or other mobile device, you may see only ONE column of buttons.  You may notice that the EVEN number years appear first; keep scrolling down until you see the ODD number years).



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